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I’ve always been a piercing enthusiast. I started doing body suspension in summer 2010 which lead me to meet a lot of people in the piercing industry and made me believe that I could become a body piercer myself.
I started my apprenticeship a few months after that by shadowing some well known piercers and attending piercing conferences like APP in Las Vegas, or BMXnet in Essen, Germany, as well as some other piercing workshops led by the most notorious piercers in the industry. In parallel to my piercing apprenticeship I was also learning how to suspend people from hooks. It was quite fun learning to work with people’s body and skin but also the mind. Because as during these procedures we also work to make it psychologically easier to the suspendee.
I then did a few guest spots around Europe and the USA until I settled in Berlin in September 2013, and started working at Titanen Piercingatelier in January 2014. I am very happy to work in a studio which I believe is the best; in matter of work quality, hygiene standards, and bedside manners.
Since I moved in Berlin I start practicing the traditional art of handpoked tattooing. I’ve always been fascinated with ancient rituals, like I think most of people in the body modification industry are.
I started handpoking first only to tattoo myself. I already knew how to work with skin and hygiene, so it was mostly a matter of learning how to work the ink into the skin. Luckily, I have some friends who are great at handpoking and/or machine tattooing who were a great help. After I tattooed myself, some friends ask me to tattoo them as well, and after a while the hobby became a job.
Since april 2015, I started to work professionally every Tuesday at Unikat in Neukölln. It did help me with the artistic side of the job, that I studied graphic design in high school. I like to work both with traditional symbols, and drawing designs myself for the customer. I like handpoking mostly dotwork designs like the one you can find in my flash portfolio, but I am also happy to work with diverse styles. Running both a career as piercer and handpoking tattooist has kept life very interesting. It is now with joy, that I am also offering handpoking tattoo service at Titanen.

Charlyne Chiappone

Instagram: @charlyne864